Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sashiko style table runner

Well here is my latest creation, a Sashiko style table runner using a yarn couching foot.
This will be what i am teaching my class next Tuesday.
Wasn,t as hard as i thought, it helps if you have a wash or fade out pen to draw lines or use a template to draw a pattern before couching it.
I have also done two placemats using gold yarn but have not quite finished yet.

The eye spy quilt for Ebonee is nearly done, i just have to handstitch the binding down and voila!!
I did want it done before she went into hospital on the 7th, so think i have done well in completing it:) Will blog pics when i finish it, eventually!!

In other areas, its been 12 weeks now since my husband went off to work, i am really hoping he is back this week its his birthday on the 28th, his 40th, so would love to have a gathering for him, we have done it tough this time as phone reception is zero and its been up to a week at times that we have not spoken:(

Work is very busy, looks like a move of shop premises is on the cards, more room, bigger classrooms and more classes on the agenda, oh and another brand of machine too!!

Reading wise i am having a lot of personal bookings atm, psychic parties are getting busy too, i have had some fascinating clients recently, the ones that you could just sit and read cards for all day!! Email readings are going well too, and it still blows me away when i "see" for these people and i only have a photo and a name to go on!!
We are looking at doing some more psychic development workshops soon too and there are plenty of house cleansings and investigations coming up which i love doing:) The Live Magically website is quiet but my colleague Talia just moved house so i presume when she gets her internet back up and running we will fire up again.

Had a wonderful morning in the rain taking my daughters riding at a friends farm, was great, i even got back in the saddle and have been thinking about getting another horse for a while now as well as a pony for the girls.

Garden wise i have lettuce, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli in abundance atm, i have a lot of lovely herbs growing and am waiting on the broad beans to start soon!!
Cos lettuce, rocket, beetroot and peas are all doing well but still a while away from a harvest.

And so that concludes my news this week, will be back next week with more pics (i hope) and news of my husbands return, (fingers xsd!!)

Blessings and love

Nikki xx