Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilt As You Go Placemat

This is my next project for my foot club which i run in the shop every month.

I enjoyed this as it was extremely easy to do and good for using up scraps.

The side panel i used to do some decorative stitching and machine candlewicking stitches but i will allow my class to freehand whatever they like in there.


  1. Lovely to meet another quilter who loves things witchy and pagan inspired, Ive got the twelve cats to stitch now, do the whiskers, stitch round everything. Keep following as in the next couple of days I will be doing a batik based on spooky halloween webs.
    You will have to email me I dont know any other pagan quilter plus theres loads Id to talk to you about, pagan inspired quilts, alsorts, faithx.

  2. LOL Faith i would love to catch up more, yes there are not enough pagan quilters!!
    I will keep an eye on the spooky stuff thank you for naming the cat Willow:)
    I will email you soon, we celebrate Imbolc here this weekend i suspect you have Lammas??

    Blessed Be

    Nikki xx