Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eye Spy quilt

So here it is!!
My dear daughters 1st quilt, she was very pleased with the result and i was happy at last to have finished making it so she could sleep with an actual quilt and not just the fabric anymore!!
So now on to the next project, i am off on a quilting retreat this weekend and hope to get a bit further along with my other daughters puppydog quilt, i am also making bags using a great technique called curved, layered, piecing, love it and love the left edge topstitch foot i am using to make it, i will of course blog my pics as soon as they are finished, one is in purple/blue Batiks, the other is in Autumn colours and both are stunning:) Well i think they are anyways!!
So other news, the garden is overflowing with silverbeet, broccoli and herbs of all kinds, i am loving having such gorgeous fresh produce and loving the fact me and the girls grew it ourselves!!!
Plenty of lemons so have made a wonderful cordial recipe and from the same great blogger a fantastic homemade ice cream recipe which got me extra brownie points from my family:)
Hubby alway again next week, Ebz has heart surgery Monday:( Not looking forward to that one so send some loving and healing vibes our way guys:)
Then its back to on our own for a while and perhaps more time to read and post in blogs:)
Full moon tonight so off to give thanks for all i have in my life and perhaps to bathe some crystals in the mothers silver light:)
Blessed be
Nikki xx

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