Saturday, September 12, 2009

A full on week!!!

Well i don,t quite know where to start with this post!!!
I suppose i will rewind to Friday 4th Sept when i was lucky enough to be able to attend one of my bosses quilting retreat weekends up in Toodyay, wow, what a great experience:) Myself and around 15 other ladies took over an entire homestead and sewed, ate and drank all weekend!!! I got heaps of sewing done, caught up on my class project ( a cool new bag which i will post pics of later) and manged to actually relax just for a little bit:) If you ever get the chance, go do it, they are just awesome.
Monday saw my darling little Ebonee having heart surgery:( She is a trooper and pulled through well, hopefully when we go back in a month it will still be in the right place and the doctors will be happy not to see us again. Still its a trying time and brought back many memories of when we were there on a not so positive note 3 years ago.
Tuesday my dear hubby has to go back to work, (much to my disgust, he was away for nearly 3 months and only home just over a week!!!) however i consoled myself with my new sewing machine, a beautiful Topaz 30, a sewing and embroidery machine that i have had my eye on for a while:)
So now i have so many projects on the go and nothing for myself, what is it with this quilting lark??
Oh and Wednesday my teenage son returned home after doing some serious time out and fingers crossed he seems to have reformed, well for now he has, he is off back to NZ for a while at the end of the month, so fingers crossed he can behave until then and they let him back in the country!!

In other areas, oh the garden, mmmm, well broccoli and snow peas and silverbeet in abundance, bullants still doing my head in!! Have brussel sprouts the size of houses but no sprouts as yet, same with Cauli and broad beans, oh well i live in hope, it looks pretty good atm, so lets hope they produce the goods:)

Magical herbology course is going well and actually nearly finished, i have a big paper to do before the end of the month and then thats it, i really loved it and if anyone is interested let me know and i will send you the link.
Talking of herbs, yesterday i scored some very lovely patchouli leaves, mmmm, just wondering what i am going to make with them now:)
I also met with a dear friend yesterday who reads coffee cups, soooo interesting and how she can tell a spider from a xmas tree in the bottom of a mug of used coffee grinds is beyond me but she can and she is very good at it too.

Ok will sign off now, throat is killing me so i must be coming down wth dreaded lurgy:(

Much love and blessings

Nik xxx


  1. Hi
    Found you from Down to earth forum -
    Nice to meet you
    enjoyed having a quick read of your blog,
    Love link to
    Magical herbology course

    Thanks love leanne

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for visiting, i havn,t been blogging long:)
    Are you from NZ??
    Next intake for the course is in October
    Do you have a blog??


    Nikki xx

  3. Hi there

    The course sounds wonderful, thanks for the link. Ive just gone back to uni, so not this year, maybe in a couple of years.